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Chat with YouTube
videos, using AI

PodulateAI is a powerful platform
that extends YouTube's
functionality with AI-powered Tools.
PodulateAI - Extend YouTube's functionality with AI | Product Hunt
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Chat with YouTube videos

Start a conversation with any YouTube video, ask it questions, and even generate quizzes!


Get a summary of your video, and even read it out loud with our AI-powered text-to-speech engine.


Translate any video into any language, and even read it out loud with our multi-lingual AI-powered text-to-speech engine.


Take notes while watching or listening to a video, and export the key points of your video for later.

YouTube's ChatGPT

Begin your journey at no cost with 3 daily video chats. Enjoy AI-generated summaries, transcriptions, and the option to take notes while viewing videos.

Pay Once, Use Forever

Instead of an annoying monthly subscription, pay once and use PodualteAI with your own OpenAI API key forever.

Renata Alink

Avid YouTube user
“As everyone I know, I have been using YouTube for most of my life. I watch a lot of videos related to Self-Improvement, and those are usually quite long. I had intrinsically always wanted a tool like Podulate, where the video I'm watching pretty much becomes a human.”

Everything you need in one Platform

We conducted extensive research to find out what features people would genuinely helpful in their day-to-day life. We then took those features and built them into PodulateAI, so you don't have to worry about anything.


Not your standard

PodulateAI, unlike most AI-Tools, is actually reliable and useful to our existing users.
Here are some of the features that make PodulateAI stand out from the rest.

All-in-One Solution.

PodulateAI combines the best of YouTube with the best of AI, to create a powerful platform that can do it all.

Free, with your API Key

All users can use their own API Key for platform interaction. Paid plans get seamless PodGPT access, no API Key needed.

Evolving Platform.

We are constantly adding new features to PodulateAI, and we are always open to suggestions from our users.


Our platform supports light and dark theme, so you can work in the environment that suits you best.


No need for the windows editor anymore, or even paper. Use our built-in note-taking feature to take notes while watching videos.


Tired of reading? Use our text-to-speech engine to make it read out any generated content for you, like summaries and transcriptions.

Pricing for every stage

We have a plan for everyone.
Browse our different options and find the plan that suits you best.

VAT may be applicable depending on your location.

Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to get started?
Very easy! Once you registered, you'll be redirected to your dashboard, where you can start your first chat.
Depending on the length of your video, it will take a few seconds to generate the project. Once it's done, you can start chatting with your YouTube video!
Can I see my history?

Yes, all your chats are saved in your dashboard. You can access them at any time by clicking on any chat on the left-hand side of the Sidebar.

Does it support multiple languages?
Yes, you can chat in any language you want. We support all languages that ChatGPT supports, which is pretty much all languages.
Does it have any limits?
Newly registered users receive 3 Chat credits a day, which means you can chat with 3 videos a day, and each 10 messages. If you want to chat more, you can upgrade to our Growth or Premium plan.

The Extended YouTube AI-Platform.

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